Sunday, November 17, 2013


The Final Reveal

Well folks, the kitchen is finally completed.  We actually finished about early October but did not get around to posting until now.

Before we move on to the pictures I know you are all anxious to see, we would first like to thank our friends and family who helped contribute to this kitchen, without you it would not have been possible.  We also want to thank those that have followed our blog throughout this process, left comments, and provided words of encouragement.  It was fun and stressful at times, but it was worth it in the end.  Chris and I learned that we make a great team and we had lots of laughs along the way.  From rocking out to Scorpion to salsa dancing, all while taping up plastic wrap to prep the kitchen for painting.  Now that's talent!

So without further adieu, here are the Befores and Afters.......

And now, some of the cool features of the cabinets...

A pull-out cabinet for the trash bin and tilt-out for sponges and veggie brushes,

A huge lazy susan cabinet,

A pull-out tray for our various oils and vinegars,

A huge cabinet above the refrigerator for our large pasta pot and mixing bowl, plus dividers for the cookie sheets,

And finally another cabinet with a hidden drawer.

Some final views:

Thank you again!  We are currently taking reservations for a home-cooked dinner at our home!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

We're at it again!!!!

Hey friends, family and fans! (fans???????)   After taking a summer off to enjoy some play time together and a little time doing our own things we are eager to finish this project.  After getting home from Santa Fe I got in the shop right away.  I had to remake two of the cabinet doors that were warped, and build bi-fold doors for the lazy suzan.  I also finally made the pullouts for the trash bin and our over the fridge oil and vinegar tray as well as the tilt down sponge tray.  With this completed Mo came out to the shop to help with some sanding on the drawer faces and fitting and installing all of them.

With all this done it was time to set up the spray booth in the shop and start spraying.  I knew I wasn't going to have enough primer for two coats on all the doors, but today I ran out with one left to spray. (REALLY??)  Here's my OSHA approved shop spray booth.

Space is pretty limited, but today was a beautiful day with no wind so I strung up some lines in the back patio today to hang the doors to dry once sprayed.

 Hopefully by next weekend the painting will be done and I can finish up the little touch ups to complete the kitchen can be started.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

She's functional!

Hi folks.

We've made some significant progress the past several weeks despite the fact we spent Memorial Day weekend camping at the Metolius River.  This camping trip has been a highlight for 8 or 9 years.  Nothing beats camping with good friends, fire and cold drinks, even if it is raining a bit.

For starters, the backsplash tile has been installed.  We chose a subway tile backsplash with a thin black accent line.  Chris set all of the tile, but I did get to help with grouting.  My first grouting experience!

Before grout:

During grout:

 There's my helpy helperson!!!

Chris decided to get creative with the camera and take a picture through the window. And screen?

After grout:

The second tiling project was the floor.  We chose a slate gray tile with a pinwheel design.  The color of the tile looks brighter in the pictures.  In person, it's a much darker gray.  A very nice contrast to the white backsplash tile and white cabinets.

But first, there's always prep work.....

The finished look!

The plastic "door" between the kitchen and living room has been removed!

And a custom beveled threshold to transition from the hardwoods to the tile.

Today was definitely a big day too.

The kitchen is not 100% done, but it's now functional!  All of the appliances have been installed and we can start using the kitchen again!  

No more camp stove and inhaling deadly carbon monoxide fumes!  (they're not that bad, are they?) Yay!


Refrigerator...with momma and Chanel, of course.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like a kitchen!

Hi folks.  Just a few updates to share with you on this post. 

I won't go into a whole lot of description for this post, so let's launch right into the pictures.

First, the window was installed.  

It's a bay window with a shelf that runs across the middle.  
Perhaps a herb garden for the shelf?

The counter top extends out into the bottom part of the window.  It's not really usable counter top space, but it actually makes the kitchen look bigger overall.


Window from the outside.  Please ignore the two different paint colors on the outside of our house.

That's this summer's project...   :)


It took Chanel less than two minutes to discover her new favorite spot....and I'm not exaggerating on the two minute thing.

  That is one content little kitty.

Now on to the counter tops.

First, the base support was made for the laminate counter top. 

Typical McBride over building.

Next, the template was made for the counter top, which included particle board and the laminate itself (oops, no picture).

Particle was cut to fit.

Three pieces of particle board were made and assembled.  Thank god for the seemingly endless supply of clamps. 

I would like to add that we've had FANTASTIC weather the past couple weeks, which has made these projects that much easier!

Lastly, the laminate was glued down and trimmed to fit.  Slid in nicely with very few F-bombs.

We used the boxes of tile to hold the laminate down while the glue dried.

In other exciting news....

Our first appliance has been installed!

Above is our micro-hood that vents directly outside.  Look can see Chris's reflection in the door taking the picture.  :) 

And lastly, this is probably the most awesome part of this post...

....drum roll please.....

Check out our kitchen sink!!!!!!